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I'm happy when I can make other people happy.

What initially brought me to Mallorca was my international degree in Tourism and Event Management and my passion for discovering new things and travel destinations. I quickly recognised the beauty and the extraordinary characteristics of the island and decided to develop my career here further. After working as a project manager at a renowned event agency for 5 years, I decided that it’s time for me to follow my dreams and become my own boss with three golden tools I gained after these years:  3 languages, several years of professional experience in the event sector and a valuable network of great people and local companies.

I think people who know me, would always describe me as the ¨glue¨ of the group, the one who brings everyone together, spreads positive energy and makes sure that everyone is having a good time. I'm happy when I can make other people happy, so I decided to bring this personal attitude towards life to another (professional) level. With the vision of creating real connections and memorable moments for others and for myself, I found an inner passion that's driving me. Driving me to see and explore places where I can fully enjoy myself and inspire others at the same time. And I think there is no better place to do so and to follow this drive, as on this beautiful island.


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